How To Write A Good Persuasive Essay (Guide 2021)

How To Write A Good Persuasive Essay (Guide 2021)

As its name implies, the main task of a persuasive essay is to convert a certain idea to the reader and make him take your side, using facts, logic, and descriptions of situations that are relevant to the main topic of a writing piece. It is preferable to use expert opinions, practical examples, etc. in such texts. Thus, if you are wondering how to write a persuasive essay without using I, add lots of insights and expert thoughts.

The easy it might seem, lots of students still struggle with this type of a written assignment, as it requires a lot of background knowledge, in-depth research, and preparations. There are different reasons why students don’t have time for or interest in these academic assignments.

Some of them might combine work and studies and don’t have much time for the minor tasks at school, college, or university. The others just don’t want to bother themselves with uninteresting tasks. Either way, Niceessay is always there for every student that needs professional help and development in writing academic papers

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How To Write A Persuasive Essay Step By Step

Each writing process begins with thorough preparation, and a persuasive essay is not an exclusion. First of all, organize your working place. Put away all distracting gadgets and items that will not be useful for your writing. Then, sit comfortably and think about the topic you are going to write your essay on. Note some general ideas and thoughts that cross your mind. After this, try to actually organize them.

Now let’s consider the most frequently asked questions concerning steps on how to write a persuasive essay:

Persuasive Essay Outline

Sit comfortably and think about the topic you are going to write your essay on. Note some general ideas that cross your mind. After this, try to prepare a brief, logical essay outline. Then title your work. This will help you organize all your thoughts into a structural piece of writing and will make your writing go smooth and more productive.


In your introduction, you should explain the subject matter of your essay and catch the attention of your reader with the help of an anecdote or description. It should smoothly lead to the main body of an essay.

Topic Sentence for the Persuasive Essay

In any academic essay, each paragraph (except for the introduction) should begin with or include a sentence that states the main topic of that paragraph – the so-called topic sentence. What should topic sentences be about and how to write them? Each such sentence is a summary of the purpose and content of the entire paragraph, framing the information given in the paragraph. A successful topic sentence often contains a claim, tip, or insight directly or indirectly related to the essay.

Persuasive Essay with a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the main idea of an essay around which all the content evolves. You can consider it to be the only and the main reason why the essay itself was created. Usually, the author can fit the thesis into one or two sentences as it needs to be brief and concise. In most cases, the thesis reflects one of the popular viewpoints that might exist regarding the discussion issue.

Formulating the thesis correctly is the first step write a successful essay as it indicates your position, so the reader knows what your personal opinion on the topic really is. While creating the following parts of an essay, you need to discuss the supportive arguments that prove your thesis and show its righteousness. At the same time, in your conclusion, you accept one of the parties or offer a completely new vision.

Body Paragraph for a Persuasive Essay

At this stage, the author puts forward theses, finds justifications for them, thus proving his own point of view. In support of each thesis, you need to choose compelling arguments and evidence that prove the facts and examples stated in the essay. It may be a real-life situation, a quote, a reference to a study, etc.

Hook for Persuasive Essay

There exist different techniques that help writers attract readers’ attention. This is a question that keeps a readers’ interest until it is answered, a strong declaration hook that persuades readers to think over an issue from a different perspective, striking statistics, an engaging story that leads to the disclosure of the main problem of an essay, fascinating description that sets the perfect scene for the research and create images and other interesting details that make your writing stand out.

Counter-Argument in a Persuasive Essay

In order to take one side of a problem, it is necessary to review all the argumentative opinions on the given subjects. In the course of writing, you should explain why you support this or that side of an issue and what makes you oppose the other ones. Counter-arguments will help you a lot with this task. Use different structures to strike your professor, such as “I disagree with this opinion, because…”, “Even though I find this opinion logical, I don’t share it, because…” etc.

Conclusion for a Persuasive Essay

The final conclusion in the essay should be based on the facts and arguments set out in the main part of the work, on the considered positions of scientists and the results of experiments. The final part of the essay should agree with the elements of the personal opinion given in the text.

There are several approaches to how to end an essay: 

  • Summarizing the author’s position. The classic version of text completion. It is enough to briefly state the conclusion that follows from the above;
  • A call to action for the audience;
  • Use of a quote. It is much easier to quote in the epigraph, but sometimes it is appropriate in conclusion;
  • Elliptic composition. The conclusion should resonate with the introduction. 

How To Write A Persuasive Essay Topics For Successful Essays

Choosing the topic of an essay can be a significant challenge as it is one of the main steps of the process. You can’t write about something you are not knowledgeable of or something you don’t believe in.

Regardless of the case when the exact topic of the essay is formulated by your teacher, you can choose the topic that appears to be the most interesting to you and that you have the most information about. If you struggle with choosing an essay topic, try to make the list of topic ideas and then just narrow it down one by one.

The most important detail in the process of choosing a particular topic for your essay is that it should correspond to your academic and personal fields of interest. Writing on an exciting topic never gets boring and saves you a lot of time and effort.

If you are experiencing problems with choosing a topic or writing any part of an essay, don’t hesitate to contact us for some professional help. NiceEssay is an experienced online custom writing company that works according to the standards of confidentiality, top-quality writing, and fair pricing.

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