What is a personal narrative essay

What is a personal narrative essay

Writing is an essential part of college life. Students are asked to write everything starting from an essay and ending with a report and a novel. Each text requires to be well-structured and free of mistakes increasing academic performance and boosting results. Stuck with your assignment? Don’t worry. You are in the right place. Ease the life with writing help and know the nuances concerning essays, their topics, structure, and appropriate format. 

What are narrative essay topics

It is a well-known fact that the word “essay” has a French origin and could be translated as experience”, “attempt,” or “sketch.” Essays are a composition in the form of prose. It has a rather small volume aiming to share the opinion of the author and his/her attitude to an event or a given topic.

Each essay includes thoughts on a given question. It could be both descriptions of something or an analysis of the read story or book. Such paper could include the position of the applicant and chronological description of the event word by word. As a rule, the essay is a brand-new article of the student and could be philosophical, historical, and biographical, as well as fictional, depending on the aim of writing and type of assignment.

The personality of the narrator is assessed first of all in such a document – the worldview, thoughts, and feelings are got by a reader. The most common topics for university applicants are “Why do I choose this profession” or “My career ambitious”. The way of thinking together with a level of creativity could be shown thanks to the paper of high quality and standard. Avoid lies and try to share your thoughts in a clear and honest way to interest the audience and make an appropriate impression on it.

The process of writing various types of documents and especially essays, teaches each student how to provide the reader with information using creative skills. To add more, everyone learns to use the appropriate style and the way to illustrate the argument with the right example taken from life or history.  

“What is a narrative essay format” is a common question of many people. Generally, it is a storytelling of the author depicting various events, a kind of accident, or some actions describing a conflict between one character and another.

This type of writing could have a climax and is supposed to include all the necessary elements of essays. The power of the plot is important and has an influence on the audience. Thus, writing about your personality traits or abilities in your essay, ask yourself: “Do I differ in one way or another from those whom I know?” or mentioning several failures from the past, a person should know what result he/she received or what useful things they learned. 

Structure of a narrative essay

“What is a narrative essay outline” is a frequently asked questions of students who just start writing an essay. Before the very beginning of it, you could go through the following plan of actions:

  1. The first thing is reading all the topics or statements that are given.
  2. Through the variety of them find one. Choose such a statement that could be beneficial for you. It could be based on your personal experience or be a part of life or hobby. 
  3. Decide on the main idea. This means you are supposed to answer a question of what the writing is about. 
  4. Come up with some arguments and make sure they are appropriate. 
  5. Add examples to the argument to show you fully understand what is being talked about. 
  6. Go through the listed arguments one more time.
  7. Consider some additional writing techniques and artistic means. 
  8. Create a model of your paper that is a short plan. 
  9. Get ready to complete writing with all the crucial details. 

The thesis statements and arguments are the basis of an essay. Arguments are facts that are added based on life experience, scientific evidence, links to the opinion of scientists, etc. What is a thesis statement for a narrative essay is also a necessary aspect? It is the way of sharing the opinion. It is a common thing to include 2 arguments while writing as only one thing is supposed to be weak and not that convincing, while three of them can “overload” the paper.

So, the structure is the following:

  • beginning or introduction. State your opinion. Agree or disagree with the statement in case it is given;
  • thesis, arguments. These things are used twice to describe your ideas in the best way;
  • conclusion or ending. It is a short summary of all documents with a logical finish. 

Apart from the logical structure, there are some characteristics of essays. The first thing is a really small volume. So, there are no strict limits, but generally, there are from some pages up to seven. Free composition is a crucial thing during the process of essay writing. Easiness of storytelling could support the interest of the reader.

It is necessary that the author of the essay could establish a compelling confidential style of communication with the reader; so that everything is easily understood. Small detail matters; that’s why avoiding complicated, unclear, unnecessarily strict constructions is a must and understood as a convention unless it is academic writing or the essay of an engineer. 

The paradoxes of such writing lie in unity. Despite the fact there is a free composition, there is a key message mentioning all over the document. It is necessary that the author adds harmony to the arguments, and they follow one by one. This thing helps to express the opinion in the best way.

Various artistic means are used. The author adds some sensory means. For example, talking about martian life, a detailed description is needed, so the atmosphere of the place, some details of habitats could be felt in a natural way. 

Mind the language. It should follow the general style. Forget about slang. Still, the writing is supposed not to be too serious. To be honest, sincere, unique, i.e., to be yourself is a must. Show the personality while writing a narrative essay.

Create a perfectly-written paper with the best service and enjoy great results. Still, waste hours on writing? If some help is needed, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to improve your academic performance and showing great writing skills.

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What is a personal narrative essay
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